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Literacy in Action with Kasey Perry

Kasey Perry, a literacy consultant based in the United States visited SIS during September to work with the Elementary school teachers. Kasey has visited us before and understands our school and literacy program. During her visit here the main focus was to work on the following key areas:

  • Literacy curriculum alignment
  • Support teachers particularly with the reading workshop
  • Conduct lab sites (teachers observing each other in an actual workshop lesson) 
  • Parent learning workshop

Both teachers and parents learned a great deal during the visit. It also helped confirm that our literacy program is very strong and in particular our teachers are doing an excellent job of providing solid teaching and learning foci for our students.

We are always aiming to reflect and refine our curriculum and with Kasey's support this pushes us one more step ahead in the literacy arena, thus being able to say we provide a very rigorous and worthwhile literacy program at SIS.

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