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Parent Workshops

Deep-Dives into Math Workshop (K-5)

In November we hosted three workshops to help parents learn more about our approach to teaching and learning mathematics. These workshops were led by teachers and gave parents an opportunity to become students again and have a hands-on experience of a math workshop. Parents were able to solve problems in multiple ways, explain their thinking, ask questions, share their work and participate in rich discussions, just like our students do everyday at school.

Thank you to all the parents who participated so enthusiastically and left feedback like…

I liked the hands-on practice & understanding the 'why' behind the teaching method.

I learned Math is not just about numbers. It's everyday, everywhere and it can be very fascinating.

Great workshop! We know kids are building their mathematical thinking.

It was important to learn from this workshop that the way kids process math problems is different from how adults approach them. Being aware of this difference will help us assist our kids to learn better.

Great workshop! Knowing how kids learn mathematics means we parents can help them at home in the same way they are taught at school.

Many thanks to Linda Ill, Ritu Bohara, Amanda Blankenship, Roseanne Costa, David Sheppard, and Kurt Callahan for leading the workshops, and to Level 5 for hosting.

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