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#sischatMEET a place for all to learn l connect l activate

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Recently I invited a wonderful group of educators and non-educators that included web designers, virtual reality designers, phycologists, software engineers, to come together to chat! What would these two groups need to chat about? What could they possibly have in common? Well they! Both groups are designers. But not just designers of lesson plans, webpages or virtual reality but designers of space. Space where we all can explore, learn and develop from.

Each person in the first #sischatMEET had demonstrated and been dabbling in or shown interest in how design affects classroom learning. But it was time to nudge this along a little, to keep momentum going, and to allow more chances for discovering new ways of how design spaces can affect our daily lives and those of our students.

During this hour of time together, participants had the opportunity to not only experience 5 different agile chat spaces, created and carefully put together to invite serendipity, to invite conversation and to support various ways of learning but to also take ownership of the space and make it their own. Whilst in the chat space another feature was the presence of provocations. Provocations that gave those in the chat spaces a chance to learn, chat, connect and take action. The provocations took the form of a simple statement, or a paragraph of text or photographs followed by prompting discussion points.

Throughout the hour the vibe in the room was a steady hum of chatter, a steady hum of 'a-ha' moments and a steady hum of discovery taking place.

The result...a connected group! A group that wants more discussion opportunities like this! A group that is eager and hungry to continue 'tinkering' with design spaces. Sparks of innovation were beginning to fly and that is exactly what was hoped for - to continue to build an energy and a deep understanding of why and how the environment can change a single experience for someone.

The opportunities from this one hour are endless and the chances to connect with more than just those in our current environment offer up multiple avenues for success to occur. Reflections that participants shared demonstrate just how connected, excited and inspired they are for taking some action as a result of the #sischatMEET.

Excitement is simmering as the next #sischatMEET begins to formulate as well as taking what we learned and making design spaces become more intentional and serendipitous than what they already are!

A big thanks to Level 5 for sharing their space for this event and to Tosca for taking the photos.

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